Work Materializing and Research Style

Matthew Halikias

The work going into the project has been both productive and rewarding. Every day that I work on this workshop, I start to see everything coming together from all the other team members. The contributions and collaborations between professors and our team are appearing to coalesce into a creation that should truly be a service to teachers. The LibGuide not only provides approaches and styles that will be useful in a classroom setting but also spans over many different historical time-frames and geographical boundaries.

Working on the LibGuide is not only developing into a fantastic product, it is also improving the ways I approach research. Working alongside other professors and reading the articles they have written and the tools they have used to do research has shed a light on different approaches to research. For example, I have started to delve deeper into social historical approaches regarding my research because of the professors I have been working together with. I have now been digging deeper into opinion and contributions to newspapers by those who work outside of the industry to widen my research’s field-of-view. Doing so has allowed me to better gauge popular opinion on given issues outside of media agencies and government policies.


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